Alignment, Anointing, and Authority for your new beginning

This new biblical month (sundown Sat) is a time to recheck how you are aligned for authority in the unexpected changes set before you. The tribe of Benjamin that is linked to this month has a long and stunning legacy: King Saul Jonathan Esther Mordecai Apostle Paul Intense people in intense times - sudden changes for promotion or demotion; tests of conviction, courage and covenant. People that thrived or died based on alignment. Last night we culled out some common threads and lessons to bear in mind this month: Saul came into alignment and anointing with Samuel only to break that alignment and lose the anointing. Jonathan realigned with David and preserved his family line when the anointing

Sometimes afraid but obedient? Calling up the G-300

Gideon and the 300 is really about God's process to develop a reluctant leader and pull together a remnant to move in the earth. Gid's a real piece of work - I think that's why I like him so much. He's gets called one thing by God and another by men. He does pretty much everything at night. He talks back, he complains, he's afraid. And yet, yet, yet....he always...ultimately....obeys. He's reluctant to lead. He'd rather go back to sifting wheat in the dark in the winepress. But God persistently pulls and pulls at his core identity until he willingly takes 300 up against 120,000: A 400 to 1 ratio! In the natural, he nuts. He's afraid. But He obeys. William Wallace from the movie Braveheart

Wakes and whirlwinds - The lights go out but the way is revealed

"I just can't 'do church' anymore." We're hearing this with increasing frequency from deeply serious followers of Jesus who are wondering what's wrong. They're not rabble rousers or rebellious - they are simply longing for More. A hunger they can no longer ignore. The heart-driven need to encounter the tangible Presence of God and the Word Alive in a context of transparency, honor, and freedom. They're trying to find a place to land, but the ocean seems vast and dark...and they're running out of gas. In the movie Apollo 13: Jim Lovell describes this feeling as he was desperately trying to find his carrier at night with no lights on the ship, the homing beacon offline and running out of fuel.

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