Bring the Sword: Your Fresh Start requires a Clean End

​​EVERYONE wants a Fresh Start, but... MOST are unwilling to submit to the Sword to bring a Clean End so they can get it. Why? We actually like holding on to old resentments and debts: Makes us feel like we have power and 'the high moral ground. ​Oops...Not the case. We give the enemy a key to access us - We lose real power rather than gain it. We can't move freely with this baggage. Can't gain a fresh start to a new destination. That old stuff we hold works like the center rail on a cable car. ​ are moving....sort of. But always, always, always in the same pattern: Around and around and around again. Do you really want to go around that mountain one...more...time? Aren't you wor

Snap out of it! Recalibrate the eyes of your heart and discern what God is saying to do

​We are commanded not to see things from a worldly point of view. (How's that going for you in the past few days?) In John 15, Jesus tells us why, 'You are not of the world.' What's rumbling in you? Elation? Fear? Some mix or confusion? The words of Jesus make us stop and effect HOW we see what is happening so it will shift what we say and how we pray and engage all those around us. ​Much of this is a heart-set issue. At The Deck last night, I released what God's been developing/revealing about my own heart and the graphic above illustrates it. He's developed the Warrior Heart AND the Father's Heart. But that isn't really about me - it's A reflection of His heart for this time: Deployed for

HEART CHECK: HOW are you praying for and about the election and this nation?

​God aligned it so that this small body of broken but bold believers would host the highest elected official over this city last night. He arranged it so we could repent for heart-sets and words spoken that are nullifying the prayers of millions. Only in the right heart-set are we able to bless and release blessings in His name. Remember: You are called to move in tremendous authority with absolutely unmitigated humility. That is virtually impossible without a broken state before God so we are established by the Blood of the Lamb alone. God takes us into deep repentance so that our prayers WILL BE EFFECTIVE in the heavens. So, so many prayers are rendered ineffective because of the bitternes

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