Cuba is on Fire and the Heat is rising here!

Yes, my body is back from Cuba. The rest of me....still processing. This is not going to be my normal 'hit a point or points' from the Deck kind of blog. Rather - I'm going to ask you to just 'dip' into the replay wherever and however long you got. Maybe it will taste like 'more' and you'll get engaged. These few pics will give you some sense of what awaits you. Click here to get to it and then see where God leads. The goal last night was to allow God to 'imprint' a deep sense of what is happening in the hidden corners of Cuba. The fire of God is moving. The pictures and short vids that I caught will let you see and hear the sounds of praise rising from outposts in the outback. You'll also

Do you understand this Appointed Time that contains the Crucifixion and Resurrection?

Most Christians are keenly aware of this week and focus upon the death and resurrection of Jesus. So, so, so critical. We cannot really begin to comprehend the weight of these matters. The pivot point of all life. But still we miss something. Too many see this time as almost a 'wrap' on the divine journey that God has for them. If they align in some mental recognition or assent of these things, all is well with their soul and then their life is theirs to do with as they please. But God has linked this time to crossing over into the NEXT part of the journey: It's not an 'end' - it's the passage into more. Last night we looked more at the somewhat odd fact that the events of the crucifixion

The necessity of TWO crossings...

Most believers grasp that getting out of Egypt via the Passover lamb and crossing the Red Sea stand as a 'type' for what Jesus has accomplished. We experience that as we receive the full work of the blood of the Lamb and are baptized into freedom. Yet most believers are clueless how this connects and demands a second crossing of a 'different water.' One God required of Israel: One that is required of us. Crossing the Jordan is not the same as crossing the Red Sea. The differences are greater than the similarities of these two life-altering events. But God connects them both to THIS SAME MONTH RIGHT NOW so we do not miss the full journey - nor the full demand and work of the cross. Do you kn

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