To the wounded and wandering: The King is calling you by name.

Many have walked off the battlefield and headed for the woods. Wounded and weary, alone and isolated - unwittingly they wander where the wolf hunts the hungry and harried. But the sound has gone out: The call of the King to return and be restored. He has laid out His table and arrayed it as a feast with friends; food and drink for body, soul and spirit. Two facts inform these fields of battle - meant to encourage AWOL wanderers and our own stretched spirits: 1. These battlefields are not random ranges of foreign soil: They are our inheritance. Promised lands occupied by the common enemy and foe of our souls. 2. God presents the banquet at the base of the enemy camp. David captured it in his

Prevail through the Messy Middle

I hate spiritual spam... It clutters my inbox and forces me to delete, delete, delete. (And sometimes feel guilty for doing so....Yuk!) Our aim is to make you A&Ox5 (Alert and Oriented times 5) That means you know where you are, who you are, what time it really is, what He's set before you, and how to move on it. The big directive this month is this: Wrestle TO prevail. The key is HOW: - With a great joy of FREEDOM which is released in you and through you. - With DECLARATIONS about His Promises and Your Identity. - With deep awareness that we have an ABUNDANCE of His favor, are FILLED with BLESSING, and that we prevail for our INHERITANCE. (Jump to this section of the replay for 10 min

IMPRINT not impartation

God's restoration process for each person is through a life flow to unpack and react to the glory DNA set within you. As we come into that freedom, then The Body will become vibrant....again. Not because we conform as carbon copy knock offs but because we're distinctively and divinely different. God has forged a 'flow' by His Spirit that comes when we align. ​Some just wrap around the edges - a grab and go mentality. Want more? Choose to plug in. There's a three-fold cord that creates a pattern of flow that moves both ways. Relationship. Revelation. Resource. ​​ Current culture craves instant impartation - God offers an incessant imprint. Yes, you can connect in only one dimension or two

Aligning from Motley to Mighty

Last night at the Deck we walked through the biblical basis for apostolic alignment for anointing (i.e.,the 'juice') you need. Alignment is not about control, building a massive institutional structure or a network. IT IS ABOUT LIFE FLOWING THROUGH YOU and into those around you: Activating the glory DNA of each person. Our spines need to be rightly aligned so that life can flow through our bodies. Same for The Body. But for lack of life, many are fleeing older institutional structures - They are simply hungry for MORE and the 'same old track' just ain't getting it done. But God... creating a kind of parallel track for these refugees while He continues to work with those that remain o

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