Hey, Firebrand! Get plucked, placed and pyro-nized!

It was all about fire last night. The fire we're in; the fire in us; the fire that comes through us. Plucked from to be placed in so that through you things get stirred for Kingdom. It's how it works. But always, always comes the choice: Will you fend off the fire? Snuff it, stuff it, grow cold, old and hard? Fire is more than a thing: It's an occasion - the metal that softens in it's heat then hardens in the cold. Many places in the heart shift like that - once pliable, now rigid. A choice we made; a consequence endured. The map of the heart is a patchwork quilt and the test for hard parts is this: Where can I not find 'rest?' You know, that part of living which jerks your soul over...and o

Back to the future: A revolution and a fellowship?

Last night at The Deck was an amazing time....again. Clearly, the desires and prayers of many PULL at the door of heaven...AND IT OPENS! Below are some points from last night. The replay also reports on the phenomenal time in Mississippi: Your prayers and support helped birth something out there. Crazy. Well done, all. Have you stayed too long at the same mountain? This question is biblically linked to this time right now. So also this command: Break camp and advance. If you dismiss this out-of-hand, as of no relevance to you, beware: Maybe you best check with the "Boss" first?) Sam Pascoe is right, what once distinguished the church has been changed, compromised and diluted over time. The

New Wine coming - Skin check and Prayer Request

Have to be brief. My plane leaves for Mississippi in a couple hours but wanted to get this posted right away so you could enjoy it. Great night - Intensely powerful work. This 11th month is linked with the Tribe of Asher. Despite amazing prophetic words over it, there's no great hero from the tribe until Luke's gospel. Anna of Asher is a devoted woman of God who's been preparing for years and years for the new wine of the Messiah. She manifests the new skin to hold the new wine and is honored as a prophet. She is also as the first true evangelist: Telling others about the arrival of Jesus as Messiah when he was but a baby. Jean Jack is another woman of honor - long faithful and willing to

Temp check on the TWO Fires you need burning

​There are two fires that God promises in Zechariah 2 - Two we need attend. How is the Fire within you? Granted for most it may vary greatly on any given day. But is it burning? Smoldering? Flickering? Intense and hot? Did you know that fire is not really a 'thing' as it is an 'event?' It's something that occurs when 3 things come together in the right balance: Fuel Oxygen Heat All three ARE present in your life right now - but the question remains if you'll allow the heat to engage the fuel of the anointing oil that's upon you and with the oxygen that is the breath you took into you as you read this. (More specifics on this in the replay.) But EQUALLY IMPORTANT: There is also 'the Fire wi

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